"There is no greater joy and expression of gratitude than to give to others. We bring this philosophy to life as we encourage women across the world to dream, create and inspire each other by giving with love and an open heart"

Cristina is immensely passionate about helping women achieve their dreams and aspirations in both their personal and professional lives. She is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. She believes in the empowerment of the woman and the great need to use our innate gifts of intuition to find our true path and help inspire others to achieve greatness in the world.

Cristina has a mission to educate women on the importance of nurturing our wellbeing, mentally, psychically and spiritually. She has been asked to speak about her unique and inspiring success story to thousands of women at large scale corporate and charity events over the years, and she has succeeded in influencing, motivating and manifesting change which has become her life mission.

Cristina continues to support numerous charities, and has teamed up with Global Sisters, a charity she feels immensely passionately about.


From the inception of the company, and for nearly 25 years, we are proud to have been working closely with local service providers driving social change in our community.

Wallara our 3PL warehouse and logistics setup, employs people with various disabilities – when you purchase our products, our team at Wallara will pick, pack and deliver all of our beautiful products to our customer base and fans around the world. 

Wallara Logistics

Wallara Logistics is a brilliant example of an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) that is changing lives and empowering people with different abilities.


Global Sisters

Cristina is a proud Ambassador for Global Sisters, an organization that assists women experiencing socio-economic disadvantage to become financially independent through sustainable self-employment. It is a unique online platform and e-marketplace which provides a ‘start to finish’ approach in assisting socioeconomically disadvantaged women in Australia to develop an income stream via micro business or social enterprise.

Through Global sisters, Cristina is able to offer her 20 years of knowledge, wisdom and insight gained through her journey both professionally and personally. She believes that Global Sisters is the perfect platform to share like-minded values and mission to help women empower themselves everywhere through the power of creativity, collaboration and connection. To find out more about Global sisters visit globalsisters.org 
Cristina is highly valued within the community for her generous nature and willingness to help others. While her two major charity partners are mentioned above, there are hundreds of organisations that receive Cristina’s support through sponsorship, gifting or her continual time and generosity of spirit. If you wish to enquire about ways to collaborate, or require our support on your upcoming special charity event, please contact info@cristinare.com